School Dinners

Our ethos is simple




We know how important it is to feel that your child is receiving a tasty and healthy meal at school. Emma’s Kitchen wants to provide nutritionally balanced, healthy food that is also tasty and for lunchtimes to be something that children look forward to.

We are passionate about educating children about food – where it comes from, how their lunches are created and encouraging children to try new and different foods and flavours. We don’t want children to be afraid of foods that they haven’t tried before. For us, catering for school children is more than just serving food up at midday.

All our food is made fresh on site, using fresh produce, herbs and home-made bread.

Why school dinners for your child?

  • Eating a balanced hot meal at lunchtime is important for concentration.  Children are 3 times more likely to concentrate in class after eating a hot meal.
  • A filling, heathy lunch is proven to affect alertness in children in the afternoon.
  • Eating school dinners ensures children maintain a balanced diet.
  • Table manners and cutlery skills are improved when using them every day.

What the parents say

“My children never used to like school dinners, but when Emma’s Kitchen came to our school we decided to try again – and I am so glad we did! My children LOVE Emma’s cooking! I truly believe that her meals are cooked from the heart, exactly as they would be at home. Emma’s ethos really appeals to me as well. She prides herself on making healthy, well balanced meals that include child friendly dishes like pizza with parent friendly ingredients like hidden veg. Happy tums = happy mum!”

KarenMum of two boys aged 8 and 6